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It was taken in Canada during one of a few delightful visits to that beautiful country. I am actually standing next to a masive wooden carving of an eagle in a pretty little town named Hope, so I suppose it could be titled "Noel in Hope". I was on my way to Alaska with my wife and some very dear friends travelling on a well-needed holiday via Calgary and Vancouver. If you ever get the chance to visit Glacia Bay in Alaska, you will find it the most peaceful, serene place on earth. I was lucky enough to spend a birthday, sitting in an observation lounge aboard a large cruise ship, sipping coffee watching the massive glacia fill the windows as the ship rotated in the bay, bumping gently against small ice bergs upon which lay seals, pretending to be slugs, while bald eagles circled overhead. What a life!



Born in London, I am married with two sons. I served with the Royal Air Force for over twenty years, the initial seven as a photographer, then five years as tactical helicopter aircrew and later as a member of the Defence Intelligence Staff, both in uniform and as a civilian.



I have travelled extensively throughout the world holding operational appointments in fascinating places such as Singapore, Madagascar, West Germany (as was) and much of Europe, Cyprus, Australia, Canada, Northern and Central America.



My first novel "Kobra" has enjoyed sales as far afield as Australia, America and Canada and I am happy to say has received very encouraging reader reviews. I have just finished th first draft of a feature-length film script for this book.

My second novel "Colossus" is also now available through Amazon in both hard-copy and e-book format and it too, has also been receiving very pleasing reviews from its world-wide readership.


Other writing:

On Amazon you will also find an anthology of short stories and poems entitled "And I dont even have an uncle in Australia" - you need to read one of the stories to find out the reason for the title!

Like many other authors, I have spent many hours writing short stories and poems (see above) - I have included page-links to a selection of my short stories, some of which have won prizes. I have added a few poems and will add some more later if the mood catches me -  I tend to think of my poems as "Rupert-esque" - that's Bear not Brooke!



My father taught me to draw when I was just a lad. He had a natural talent and became a Member of the Guild of Aviaton Artists. I hope that some of his talent has rubbed off on me; you can judge for yourself by taking a look at the Art page. I have a large collection of what I call "sensible" drawings but I have developed a cartoon character "Robbie the Robin" who seems to have wormed its way under my skin, so I now have an ever-growing collection of his/her antics (I'm never quite sure what gender Robbie will present as). There are also examples of  personal cartoons for which I have been commissioned. See what you think. You will also find a growing number of my paintings, drawings and photographs on the ArtCove website in the form of greetings cards, click here to view them. I am now teaching myslef to paint with oils, an interesting medium!



I was trained by the Royal Air Force, at Her Majesty's expense, to be a professional photographer - I think that just means I was paid for taking photos! But over the years, during my various travels around the world, I have been able to take advantage of HM's generosity to record some of the more interesting, pleasant, revealing and sometimes shocking sights that I have come across. Please take a look at some of these photos on the photographs page - I will add more in due course.


Noel K Fletcher


Noel in Hope