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When Hitler orders immediate deployment of the

Luftwaffe’s advanced, war-winning, airborne weapon system  -

the Focke Wolf FW-600 Kobra

he hopes to turn the fading fortunes of war to his advantage.


But when Winston Churchill orders the threat to be neutralised,

Sarah Porter, a ferry pilot of the Air Transport Auxiliary

and John Messenger, a wounded fighter pilot

are thrust together in what amounts to be

a potentially suicidal mission.


Timing is essential if they are to complete the mission and stay alive.

But nothing ever works to plan; and when capture, torture, sexual torment, injury and death are thrown into the melting pot,

anything could happen.


And it does…


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When a Royal Air Force transport aircraft,

carrying nuclear weapons, disappears.

Sergeant Air Loadmaster Becky Davies

is thrust into a terrifying situation.

To survive she must face her worst demons

and obey the orders of a stranger without question.


When the world’s largest and most advanced airship

departs on its maiden trip to circumnavigate the world

the passengers and crew expect nothing less

than a trip to remember.

Their wish is about to become true…


Small-time crook Lee Ellington steals an attaché case,

 but discovers, too late, that it contains more

than he bargained for…

the key to the survival of the world.


Time waits for no man and the clock is ticking.

When the clock stops, so will the world –

for ever…




Noel K Fletcher





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This is a collection of short stories and poems that I have created over a period of time that I hope you will find interesting, amusing, thought-provoking or even annoying!


   "And I Don't Even Have An Uncle in Australia"



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