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Down Under



Down in Oz there is a place

where everyone should show their face;

it’s called the Sydney Harbour Bridge

so fetch your tinnies from the fridge

and save them in an Eski, cold

to be enjoyed by young and old.

Wear your hat, the sun’s too hot

to stay out of that shady spot.

Go find the garden with the view

that will excite both me and you.


Where Ned Kelly used to roam

wombat and the roo make home;

the dust and flies are such a pest

don’t sit on the spider’s nest!

“Black boys” grow out in the west,

the opal man sweats in his vest

as he digs for his precious stone

working his fingers to the bone

for little in the way of luck,

it’s gold, not opal, that he’s struck!


In Melbourne where the “Neighbours” dwell

you can’t get rid of city smell

from your clothes, with beer and cars

best lay them out under the stars

to freshen up, for morning time,

its off to work at old clock chime.

Take the train, or plane or boat,

the day is dull so take a coat

for it will rain again today -

but I don’t want to move away.


The sea is full of things that sting

or bite, or swallow – anything!

Lifeguards with their running line

are there to save us from the wine

which flows as freely as the beer;

but they plunge in without the fear

of meeting nasties in the swell

and often come out with the girl!


So time for home, to old UK,

it’s very difficult to say

“Goodbye Australia, my good friend”

I’m sad to go, I’m sad to wend

my way back home, to fog and rain

but I will, I know, return again

as soon as pennies I have saved

through scrimping and through hard work slaved

you’ll see me soon, you can believe

and then I’ll never want to leave!


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