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Golden Hair / Me Bike




Her hair was long and gold and straight.

She walked along with perfect gait.

Her body trim, her legs so long,

With her, a guy could not go wrong.


As she strolled around the park

he realised that she was stark

naked as the day of birth.

This raised in him a hint of mirth.


Her eyes deep blue, her teeth so pure,

he loved he so, but wasn’t sure

if he should be walking round

with a female Afghan hound!








I had a bike, it weren’t a trike

It were a bike, what I did like.


As the wheels went round and round

I took me feet up off the ground


I went faster down the hill

Much more fun than standing still.


At the end I had to stop

And push it back up to the top


Pedals, I found two to use

On them I carefully placed me shoes.


Pushing off gave me a thrill

I found I could ride up the hill.


Now I can head off in to town

For hills I can go up and down.



Noel K Fletcher