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Man & Girl



When he sees her ev’ry morn’,

in his heart is pushed a thorn.

Her deep brown eyes, her mouth, her hair.

He just can’t think that it is fair

that they can’t spend a little time

to see if things could work out fine.

To find a way to make her smile,

to talk, to laugh, to walk a while

through rain and sun and then before

a moment’s pass’d they’re at her door.

She asks him in, “something to drink?”

but they don’t even have to think

of their real reason to be there –

It’s in her eyes, her mouth, her hair.

He holds her closely to his chest…

And now, I think you know the rest!


Kissing her mouth, her neck, her cheek.

His breath is caught, he cannot speak

of how he feels – the world is fine;

He just wants to take her time

for an hour, a day, a night

and they both know it isn’t right

but life is short, they must defend

their right to live it to the end.

She puts his hand upon her breast

and wants him then to do the rest.

He feels her soft and warm but firm,

there are some things they need to learn

about each other’s hopes and fears

to stay away from doubts and tears.


She leads him to her place of sleep

He holds her close, He wants to weep

with pleasure as they hold so tight

and foster longings for the night

to never leave them, as they love

with warmth and depth, and ev’ry move

is touched with passion from the soul,

as they give and take the whole

of each other’s bodies fair –

Her lovely eyes, her mouth, her hair.


They chat, they laugh, they love again

and never more can they refrain

from thinking of the times they’d share

when she took him up the stair.

So when he sees her ev’ry morn’

no more now his heart is torn

as it is cushioned and entwined

within the memories of a friend

so dear to him, with beauty too.

A lovely girl – and she, is you.

Noel K Fletcher



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