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Noel K Fletcher


Down Under



I surprise myself writing these po’ms

When words spring from their hidden homes.

An idea comes and words just flow

Like flooding rivers – don’t you know?!


The subjects are diverse and wide

I sit with pen down by my side

And paper too, to make a stab

At finding fleeting thoughts to grab.


I lay in bed and ideas come

To be recorded one by one.

The ink is blue or black or red

Be careful not to mark the bed!


The PC swallows all the words:

Nouns and adjectives and verbs.

Sort the verses, order teasing

‘til the finished job is pleasing.


Draw a picture, brighten page.

Put in a book for ev’ry age.

They’re “Rupert-esque”, that’s bear not Brooke

But they might make money for a book!

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