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The state we're in

This country’s going down the drains

NHS, Police and trains

are all fragmented or downsized,

the army is no longer prized,

the air force and the navy too

are in a similar to-do.

Supply teachers prop up the schools

to stop us from producing fools.

Lorries taxed up to the hilt

the government admits no guilt

for not spending on the roads

do they think we’re thick as toads?

Tax on spirits, wine and fag

makes us travel and to drag

our cars off to the continent

to purchase tax-free embibement.


If government would take a hold

be courageous and be bold

raise N.I.C and use the cash

ensuring hospitals don’t crash.

Increase the tax on petrol more,

then all the drivers can be sure

that everyone pays their fair share

for using roads that always wear

regardless of who’s ever car,

be they from home, or from afar.

Give the public trams and bus

this will help to stop the fuss

of getting to and from the shop

when traffic jams make all cars stop.


Why is it that we must give money

to other countries – it seems funny

while poverty is here at home

our government can find us none.

Is it all to just save face?

It’s certainly a damn disgrace.

The police force needs much more support

so they’ll succeed and report

a reduction in the country’s crime,

safe to walk home at night time.

Why are the trains forever late?

With too few seats and dirty state.

Perhaps we should now look to France

or Germany – learn to enhance

our railway system so it works

without the bungles, jolts and jerks.


When will Armed Forces show their hand

and help their people to expand

their minds with proper education

to give these folk qualification

that will equate them to the others,

like their foreign country brothers.

The E.U gives our fish away

and stops men earning pay each day.

throw away our fruit and then

buy it all back in from Spain!

What is happening to our Realm?

With this cabinet at the helm.

We cannot survive with this collection.

Roll on the next general election.



Noel K Fletcher


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